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The MAHCP Executive is pleased to announce that they will be awarding up to eight (8) – $400 scholarships annually. Scholarships are open to children of MAHCP members entering first year of full-time post-secondary education i.e. (University or Community College). In order to be considered, students must submit in order to be eligible for this year’s awarding:

1.  A copy of their final high school transcript of marks;

2.  A recommendation from one of the following – teacher, employer, counselor or supervisor;

3.  A brief letter or resume outlining activities such as volunteer work, community work, extra curricular activities;

4.  A 500 word essay on “the benefits of being a union member”;

5.  Your intended course study and letter of acceptance MUST also be included;

6.  Your parent(s)/guardian(s) full name and place of employment;

7.  Applications must be complete in full, otherwise they will not be considered. MAHCP will notify the successful candidates by mail by the end of August.

Please send your application to:   MAHCP Scholarship Fund,  101-1500 Notre Dame Avenue,  Winnipeg MB   R3E 0P9



The criteria for the Monique Wally Memorial Scholarship Fund is the same as the MAHCP Scholarship Fund, except for the following: three (3) – $400 scholarship will be awarded annually to residents of Manitoba who are intending to enter their first year of an Allied Health Profession; and the topic of the 500 word essay is “why enter into an allied health profession?”.

Please send your application to:   Monique Wally Memorial Scholarship Fund, 101-1500 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3E 0P9


Applications completed in their entirety (including accompanying documents) must be submitted by July 15 at 1600 hrs. Should July 15 fall on a Saturday or Sunday, completed applications will be accepted until 1600 hrs on the first Monday following July 15. Thank you.



Year Recipient Parent
2017 Heather Canvin Barb Archer, St Boniface Hospital
Kiana Chubey Sheri Turner-Chubey, HSC
Annica Dickens Susan Bugalski, St Boniface Hospital
Cara DiMarco Karen DiMarco, Victoria General Hospital
  Nathan Dueck Gail Dueck, St Boniface Hospital
Julia Kozak Danuta Kozak, HSC
  Katie Preun Sherri Preun, Seven Oaks General Hospital
Abi Shewchuk Warren Shewchuk, WRHA Patient Transport
Sophie Vandale Joanne Vandale, Deer Lodge Centre
2016 Tiffany Fernando Sithara Fernando, HSC Pharmacy
Alex Loewen Peter Loewen, St Boniface Hospital
Bianca Maida Mona Lynne Maida, HSC
Alex Normandeau Lise Normandeau, DSM South
Ashlyn Scott Carol Scott, Community Therapy Services
2015 Adrian Ferens Halyna Ferens, HSC
Daniel Preun Sherri Preun, Seven Oaks GH
Natasha Desgagnes Monica Desgagnes, CTS
Sarah Hoffman Sun Hoffman, HSC
Benjamin Shewchuk Warren Shewchuk, HSC
Emily Unger Cindy Unger, VGH
Rodell Salonga Elizabeth Salonga, HSC
Samantha Nixon Jody Nixon, SBH
2014 Yu Qi Wu Qi Clair Wang, HSC
Hannah Chan Ashley Chan, HSC
Elisabeth Findlay Samuel Findlay, HSC
Matthew Litke Carla Litke, SBH
Chantale Bosc Lois Bosc, Misericordia HC
2013 Alana Lamont Debra Lamont, HSC
Deborah Chan Ashley Chan, HSC
Krista Aitken Barbara Aitken, St. Boniface Hospital
Carly Rapinchuk Brenda Rapinchuk, Misericordia Health Centre
Katilyn Brown Heather Martin-Brown, SMD
2012 Nicole Cote Diane Cote, VGH
Diane Bosc Lois Bosc, Misericordia Health Centre
Aaron Chanas-Larue Darcene Chanas-Larue, HSC
Denee Dawson Brenda Dawson, DSM Concordia
Aaron Mooi Odette Morin, CTS
2011 Sara Allen Diane Pearce, St. Boniface Hospital
Andrew Brown Heather Martin-Brown, SMD
Katie Driedger Lori Driedger, Brandon RHA
Alexa Gray Laura Gray, HSC
Andrew Kampen Bruno Kampen, South Eastman Health
2010 Ashley DiMarco Karen DiMarco, VGH
Pierce Bosc Lois Bosc, Misercordia Health Centre
Ryan Pierce Darren Pierce, Misericordia Health Centre
Katya Sokolawski Cindy Sokolawski, Concordia Hospital
Steven Gin Alfred Gin, HSC
2009 Melissa Bulloch Robert Bulloch, HSC
Sara Bittner Ruth Bittner, DSM HSC
Nicholas Humniski Jamie Humniski, HSC
John Hodge Barbara-Anne Hodge, HSC
Steven Honcharik Patricia Honcharik, HSC
 2008 Angela Wang Yunrong Sang, DSM HSC
Christopher Parr Shirley Parr, St. Boniface Hospital
Maala Sharma Uma Sharma, Misericordia Health Centre
Kathryn Thurmeier Sue (HSC) & Rick (SBH) Thurmeier
Vanessa Bachynski Michael Bachynski, St. Boniface Hospital






















Recipient Parent
2017 No applicants
2016 Elizabeth Quint Trudy Quint, HSC
Bianca Maida Mona Lynne Maida, HSC
Alex Loewen Peter Loewen, St Boniface Hospital
2015 No applicants
2014 Hannah Chan Ashley Chan, HSC
Elisabeth Findlay Samuel Findlay, HSC
2013 Carly Rapinchuk Brenda Rapinchuk, St. Boniface Hospital
2012 Nicole Cote Diane Cote, VGH
2011 Sara Allen Diane Pearce, St. Boniface Hospital
2010 No eligible candidates
2009 Melissa Bulloch Robert Bulloch, HSC
2008 Maala Sharma Uma Sharma, Misericordia Health Centre
2007 Lucy Yang Bo Li, Central Medical Lab
2006 Stephen Currie Karen MacDonald, HSC
2005 Umesh Sharma Uma Sharma, Misericordia Health Centre





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